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The Dark Side Of Events - Vladik Khononov


Events are our industry’s near and dear. All technological conferences are full of talks on event sourcing, event driven architectures, or event driven integrations. So hey, why not make another one? …But a bit different: Let’s talk about the dark side of this pattern. Events, as any tool, can be used productively or destructively. During the last 8 years, at Internovus, we found so many creative ways to do the latter: * The different ways events can introduce coupling so strong, it will make the classic enterprise monolith envy * Multiple ways of using events to introduce accidental complexity * How to use events to turn a microservice into an architectural trojan horse; And * Why some events, just like underwear, better be kept private Those sights are not for the faint of heart, but fear not. You will get heuristics that will help you identify those situations, eliminate event-driven accidental complexities, and make events great again.
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