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The DevOps Revolution: We Haven't Always Known Everything by Kat Cosgrove


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There are more computer science graduates than ever, and the number keeps rising. Include coding bootcamp graduates, and the number of junior engineers out there is staggering. Sounds great, right? More engineers means larger communities and more help for our projects, and the whole world benefits because we’re solving harder problems faster. That's what DevOps is about, yeah?
It’s not quite that simple. Tech is advancing quickly, becoming more and more specialized, with layers upon layers of abstraction and tooling. We frequently assume that the people reading our documentation and using our tools already have context and peripheral knowledge specific to our corner of tech, and we forget about all of those junior engineers with fresh ideas who are hungry to learn, but don’t understand our jargon. We don't mean to do it, but we're gatekeeping them, and it's slowing our progress. In order to really accelerate DevOps adoption, WE need a cultural change, too.