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The Easiest Way To Get Into Web 3 With Vue 3 and React


Let's take a look at getting into Web 3 with Vue and React. And the tools you need. #shorts #web3
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Here are some tools that you need to know to become a Web Three developer. First, you need to know the remix idea. This is going to be the number one IDE you use to create your smart contracts, which will be interacting directly with the blockchain technologies. You also should get some familiar with Ethers JS. This is a web library that's going to allow you to talk to different blockchains. It's going to be all run inside the browser. Next thing you should get used to is Hardhat. This tool is going to allow you to take your contracts, compile them, upload them to different networks. Next thing you want to do is grab MetaMask. MetaMask is going to be the tool that you use to actually hold your tokens and it's going to be basically your wallet. Next, you should get V. It's going to be your next generation front end tooling. It's going to help you create your react app or view app. There is a ton of resources out there to learn Web Three. First, make sure you check this channel. Second, check out Crypto Zombies. It's 100% free and it will let you learn the basics of Solidity. Also, let me know what you guys used to learn Web Three.