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The Fundamentals of Redux

03.20.2018 at Reactathon

San Francisco

Mark Erikson (Northrop Grumman)

Redux is the most widely-used state management library for React applications, and has spread throughout the Javascript ecosystem. However, the learning curve can be steep for many people. Come join Redux co-maintainer Mark Erikson as we talk about the core concepts of Redux, how to use Redux with React, and how Redux was designed to make Javascript applications predictable.
Mark is a software engineer living in southwest Ohio, USA, where he patiently awaits the annual heartbreak from the Reds and the Bengals. Mark is a Redux maintainer, author of the Redux FAQ, maintains the React/Redux Links list and Redux Addons Catalog, tweets at @acemarke, and blogs at He can be usually found in the Reactiflux chat channels, answering questions about React and Redux.