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The leadership balancing act - achieving success without burning out - Donna Edwards


Whether you’re a leader, an entrepreneur or an employee, expectations seem to be endlessly rising and Covid-19 has enhanced this for many of us. What does success look like? How do we ensure we are focused on the “right things” whether that be achieving personal and professional goals, supporting and helping our team succeed, advancing our career, maintaining our work life balance, delivering on time, improving quality, improving efficiencies, keeping our inbox under control and of course hitting our KPIs. Throw in some extra side projects like startups, conferences, exams, hobbies and how on earth do we avoid burnout whilst being successful and achieving our goals?
I will share some of my lessons learnt as a leader of 80 developers and moving back into an individual contributor role which was surprisingly no less hectic! I will share my tips around multi-tasking, prioritizing, pushing back and upwards managing, achievable goal setting, inspiring teams, avoiding burnout and figuring out what success and contentment feels like.