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The Path of Freedom - Stephen Haunts - NDC Oslo 2021


As developers, it is very common for us to have side projects that we like to work on outside of our day jobs. It's part of the way we motivate ourselves, learn and grow as developers.
For some of us, we dream of taking our projects full time so that we can work for ourselves. For others, we want to work for ourselves as consultants. The one thing we have in common is that we want more freedom of our destiny, whether that is financial freedom, or to have the ability to pick and chose what we work on and when.
Taking that first step to work for ourselves is both exciting and terrifying. I know, because I did it. I quit my full-time job to become a full-time Pluralsight Author, writer, and trainer.
In this talk, I want to take you through the path to freedom and give lots of practical advice on what you can expect, what you need to do, and how you transition to complete work based freedom.
Some of the subjects I will talk about are:
- The Pros and Cons of working for yourself - When NOT to work for your self - Active vs. Passive Income - Defining your income strategy - Preparation before quitting your job - Finances and cost control - What to charge for your products or services - Productivity, procrastination, and Focus - The working environment and loneliness
No matter whether you want to work for yourself now, or you aspire to so this sometime in the future, let me share my experiences and guide you through the process of becoming independent.
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