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The Path to Becoming a Senior Engineering Manager • Denise Yu & Jiaqi Liu • GOTO 2021


This interview was recorded for GOTO Unscripted 2021. #GOTOcon #GOTOunscripted
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Jiaqi Liu - Senior Engineering Manager at GitHub Denise Yu - Senior Software Engineer at GitHub
DESCRIPTION In this Unscripted episode, Jiaqi Liu and Denise Yu give you insight into their path to becoming senior engineering managers at Github while covering what the position is like. You’ll learn about "glue work" and how speaking at conferences can influence your career.
TIMECODES 00:00 Intro 06:21 Persuasive writing 14:39 Glue work 20:08 Speaking at conferences 24:38 Open source work 26:14 Decisions 32:02 Outro
RECOMMENDED BOOKS Will Larson • Staff Engineer: Leadership beyond the management track • Matthew Skelton & Manuel Pais • Team Topologies • Ken Kousen • Help Your Boss Help You • Julie Zhuo • The Making of a Manager • Michael D. Watkins • The First 90 Days • #GlueWork #Management #Leadership #HowToTalkToYourBoss #Programming #JiaqiLiu #DeniseYu #TanyaReilly #BeingGlue #GitHub #StaffEngineering #TeamTopologies
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