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The Science of What Makes Us Tick

11.07.2017 at AngularConnect 2017


Alan Furlong

If you want your teams to be more engaged, empowered and motivated, if you’re wishing to improve your team or your own personal skills, this session will explain the science that reveals what makes people tick and practical ways to address those challenges successfully. In this interactive, fact-based and entertaining session Alan Furlong will explain the tectonic shifts that are occurring in the workplace today, why tech companies are at the leading edge of that change and as a consequence, why our personal, professional and leadership tool-kits are outdated and need an upgrade. What they share is fascinating research and case studies from positive psychology, neuroscience, social science, systems thinking and other disciplines that ultimately create an “ah ha” moment for anyone who has been struggling personally or with people issues.
Alan Furlong has built two successful tech businesses from scratch and taught the science of Human Flourishing since 2012. He is accredited in Positive Psychology studying with Tal Ben Shahar from Harvard University and is a regular contributor to, Arianna Huffington's new business. He is also funny as heck on stage.