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Transforming DevOps Culture - Chris Leicester


We often think of DevOps CI/CD as a complete, 100% automated solution for our entire infrastructure management process, but this perception causes many teams to give up before they get started. While this may appear to be a CI/CD hurdle, it is actually a cultural hurdle. The key to implementing CI/CD is continuous improvement, and more often than not, that improvement must start at the cultural level.
DevOps teams often get lost in the magnitude of overhauling their entire infrastructure automation and end up at a standstill. Drawing from the principles of CI/CD itself, we will move past this mindset and explore the following human-first solutions to technologically complex problems:
• Destroying the notion of the “all-or-nothing” approach to automation. • “Our infrastructure is too complex to automate”: Codifying your end-to-end process to reveal your “Human Pipeline”. • Low hanging fruit: Where to begin converting manual tasks into automated tasks by observing the Theory of Constraints. • Furthering efficiency: Developing intra-team empathy to promote collaboration and reduce cross-team bottlenecks. • Progress over perfection: The value of celebrating iterative, consistent successes, and applying what you’ve learned to the next iteration.