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Type-safe & high-perf distributed actor systems with Rust

09.30.2017 at RustFest Zürich 2017


Anselm Eickhoff

Introducing a working prototype for a minimal actor-oriented system runtime to handle millions of actors and passed messages, across processor cores and even machines. It is written in and used from Rust. Using an additional code-generating build script, type-safe remote message sending and handling is magically desugared from plain Rust function calls and definitions, including dynamic dispatch with traits. This makes it possible to write complex, extensible distributed systems in idiomatic Rust.
About Anselm Eickhoff: Self-taught hacker and CS student from Germany. Got the crazy idea to build Citybound - a new, large-scale city simulation game and engine, on my own. I’m busy plowing through all the custom technology that needs to be invented and implemented for that, all of which I write in Rust.