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TypeScript - A Love Tale with JavaScript

NodeJS TypeScript
10.04.2017 at Node.js Interactive


Bowden Kelly (Microsoft)

Around 5 years ago, we embarked on a journey to create TypeScript. It all began with our love and passion to help JavaScript developers create applications that scale. TypeScript has come a long way since then. This session will dive head first on a demo driven tour of what Typescript is and the value it brings for JavaScript developers. You'll walk away knowing how to quickly add TypeScript to your own apps, see some of the latest features in action and most importantly, get a first-hand experience of the productivity gains it brings to your JavaScript apps.
About Bowden Kelly: Like you, Bowden Kelly has spent a lot of time seeking better development workflows. Which editor should you use? Which tech stacks will have longevity? How do I ship faster, but with less bugs? A few years ago Bowden packed up his web development career to pursue building better developer tools at Microsoft. Since then he has been working on the TypeScript language, Node.js editing tools, and trying to share best practices with JavaScript developers worldwide.