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TypeScript Berlin Meetup #3 - Henning Dieterichs - Implementing Custom Refactorings for TypeScript


With the adoption of TypeScript and Visual Studio Code, Microsoft invented the language server protocol (LSP) to offer autocompletion, refactorings, error highlighting and other features independently of the IDE. The TypeScript language service implements the LSP and can be extended with custom plugins.
This talk demonstrates how the language service can be leveraged to implement a custom refactoring for TypeScript that can be used in any LSP-compatible IDE, such as VS Code, Sublime Text or Atom. Next time you do a repetitive code change over and over you have no excuse anymore to create your own refactoring for it!
*Bio:* I’m Henning from Karlsruhe (Germany) and am currently doing my Master’s in Computer Science at the KIT, while working part time at Knuddels.