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TypeScript Berlin Meetup #5


Join us for the 5th TypeScript Berlin Meetup, hosted by Nikolas Burk.
We have three amazing speakers presenting at this event:
◭ Valentin Kononov:
Runtime Type Safety in Typescript ◭ Michael Arnaldi: Write Efficient & Testable code with effect-ts ◭ Maciej Sikora: Elm in TypeScript, pattern matching and beyond
During this meetup we'll host a quiz, where you can win the Prisma swag and a free ticket to Practical Functional Programming with Typescript workshop 🎁
You can check out the course and purchase it with the 20% TypeScript Berlin Meetup participant discount under this link:
Learn more about Prisma: ◭ Website:​​ ◭ Docs:​​ ◭ Quickstart: