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TypeScript Berlin Meetup #5 - Valentin Kononov - Runtime Type Safety in Typescript


◭ Nowadays we live in a world of JavaScript, let’s admit it. But have you ever missed compilation and real runtime strong types in JS? I always have! And my friendship with web development started only after Typescript usage, which has something like a compilation step. But is it a real compilation? How we can take one step closer to ’strong types’ in the web world? Let’s talk about what opportunities we have to use perks and benefits of Typescript, not fighting it - better type usage, runtime checks, validation, decorators to automate it. We will talk about JS in runtime, communication of your code with the outer world, weak points of type usage, runtime checks of types, and some other things.
◭ Valentin (@ValentinKononov) works at Mapbox R&D center in Minsk, Belarus, and has experience in, among others, Typescript, Javascript, .NET, Angular, React, NodeJS, NestJS. He loves modern web technical stack but strongly believes in understanding fundamental aspects of programming. He likes code writing, working on useful, valuable projects. His spare time is mostly dedicated to his family, reading, and writing and traveling.
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