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TypeScript Berlin Meetup #6 - Alex "KATT" Johansson - End-to-end typesafe APIs with tRPC


◭tRPC is a library for end-to-end type-safe data fetching for sites (and apps) written in TypeScript both on the front- and backend. With tRPC, you simply write an API function and can then use the function’s input and output data straight in the client. There is no code generation involved as the data is inferred through exporting the types of the backend and importing them on the frontend. There are libraries designed for React & Next.js, but tRPC is not tied to React & can be used with React Native as well.
◭ Alex is a Swedish full-stack typescripter who has developed tRPC based on a proof of concept by Colin (who also made Zod). He has been coding for over 15 years, currently CTO & co-founder at the startup
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