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TypeScript Berlin Meetup #8 - Robert Wolff - Dealing with untyped runtime libraries in TypeScript


◭ Runtime libs are sometimes required in projects. But runtime means: the TypeScript compiler cannot protect us from fat-fingering bugs into the codebase. In this talk, Robert will present ways to still have a great developer experience and type safety.
◭ Robert is a Software Engineer at idealo. He’s working with the payment team and is a member of idealo’s design system community of practice where he contributes to awesome (and type-safe) libraries.
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◭ Filmed by Filip Antoni:,+P%C3%BCcklerstra%C3%9Fe+26,+10997+Berlin&ludocid=4058895443109858358&lsig=AB86z5VVPT4r_jK3c6AiozXjpSnu&hl=en&gl=DE#lrd=0x47a84f877a876c3d:0x385417e68b03cc36,1
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