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TypeScript Meetup - Kajetan Świątek - Elm, a delightful language for learning functional programming


◭ Functional programming is still a mystery for many developers. There is an overwhelming amount of math and theory surrounding it, to the point of scaring people away. But it turns out that with the right tools, it is possible to learn FP and to get productive fast!
This talk sums up my first year of learning functional programming in the JavaScript ecosystem and answers questions that many developers have in mind when thinking about starting their FP journey. With this, you'll learn about strong points of learning FP, why using Elm will set you up on the right path for creating reliable web applications and how the language compares to our beloved TypeScript.
◭ Kajetan (@KajetanSw) is a former construction engineer, now building software instead. Front-end developer at SoftServe. Loves learning new things and sharing his findings with others via tech talks or articles.
◭ This talk has been recorded during TypeScript Berlin/Sevilla Meetup. Join our TypeScript Berlin Meetup group here:
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