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Typescript 101


Presented by Women Who Code San Diego Speaker: Amy Dutton Topic: Typescript 101
One of the criticisms JavaScript receives is that it's a "loosely typed language." This means you could use a variable as a number or a string. Sounds great, until it introduces bugs into your code. 1 + 1 should equal 2, not 11! TypeScript solves a lot of these issues. But, it seems like one.more.thing. to learn. Is it worth it? Where do you start? What are the benefits? and the drawbacks? Amy Dutton will give an overview of TypeScript and share tips and tricks from her experience as a React developer.
Speaker: Amy Dutton is a Senior UI/UX and Frontend Developer. She is currently the Director of Design at Zeal, a software consultancy. If she's not building websites, YouTubing, podcasting, or streaming, you can find her hanging out with family and friends, playing cards, reading, and drinking coffee.
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