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UI as API - Narendra Shetty


Talk recording from React Day Berlin Conference 2019

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# UI as API For backend services having a flexible API is a common practice that allows you to combine them with different APIs as if they were LEGO blocks and solve almost any business need. At Twilio we’ve been building REST APIs for over 10 years. When we recently decided to ship Twilio Flex, a software that has a working UI out of the box, we still wanted to make sure that it was as flexible as the rest of our APIs.
In this talk we’ll dive into how we architected a programmable UI platform using React that both allows you to have a fully working UI out of the box but also be able to customize every functionality and user experience to your needs using the full power of React.
Narendra Shetty Narendra works at Twilio as Senior Software Engineer. He is working on building Twilio Flex which is a programmable UI product. Previously worked at
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