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Understanding and Mastering C++'s Complexity - Amir Kirsh - CppCon 2021

English --- You probably write in C++ not because it is the simplest available language. There are other attributes C++ brings: efficiency, low footprint, direct memory access, enhanced control over runtime behavior, and more. In "The Design and Evolution of C++", Bjarne Stroustrup explains the design decisions taken since the language was conceived and during its evolution. What makes C++ powerful? How has C++ survived more than 4 decades, while other languages have disappeared into oblivion? Why do we still use C++ (and will we still be using it in a decade from now)? And most importantly, why it is not so complicated after all, and even becomes easier to use over time! Being both a teacher and a practitioner, seeing beginners struggle at first with the language but then turn to love it, my goal is to assure you that mastering C++ is doable, then motivate you to do so.
--- Amir Kirsh
Amir Kirsh is both a Lecturer and a practitioner. Teaching at the Academic College of Tel-Aviv-Yaffo and at Tel-Aviv University while keeping hands on, mainly on C++, as a Dev Advocate at Incredibuild and previously as the Chief Programmer at Comverse. Amir is also one of the organizers of the CoreCpp conference in Tel-Aviv and the CoreCpp meetup group and a member of the Israeli ISO C++ National Body.
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