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Up to Code - David Sankel - CppCon 2021

English --- Many engineering disciplines require alterations or improvements of existing systems to be "up to code," whether that be the installation of railings on a staircase or upgrades to electrical work. In this talk, we'll apply this concept to Software Engineering and, in particular, C++-based systems. Using one real-world example, we'll cover best practices including: contracts, type-driven architecture, hierarchical design, and difficult testing scenarios as they apply to "old work."
While many of these topics are covered elsewhere, they are usually presented as if all code is being written from scratch. Application to an existing system is an entirely different matter. That is the subject of this talk.
--- David Sankel
David Sankel is a Software Engineering Manager/TL at Bloomberg and an active member of the C++ Standardization Committee. His experience spans microservice architectures, CAD/CAM, computer graphics, visual programming languages, web applications, computer vision, and cryptography. He is a frequent speaker at C++ conferences and specializes in large-scale software engineering and advanced C++ topics. David’s interests include dependently typed languages, semantic domains, EDSLs, and functional reactive programming. He is the project editor of the C++ Reflection TS, a member of the Boost steering committee, and an author of serveral C++ proposals including pattern matching and language variants.
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