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USENIX ATC '15 - A New Paradigm for Power Management


A New Paradigm for Power Management
MyungJoo Ham, Geunsik Lim, and Dongyun Jin, Samsung Electronics
The paradigm of power management has been moving from device-centric to user-centric as device-centric approaches appear to be near the wall of saturation. With the emergent of user-centric approaches, it appears that the academia is seeing new research topics and the industry is seeing new chances to further evolve. However, being designers of an operating system, Tizen, and developers of their commercial products, including Gear series and Z1, simultaneously in Samsung , we are already observing drawbacks and limitations of several user-centric approaches. Such issues are usually induced by not properly understanding other stakeholders in the ecosystem: application developers (in-house, 2nd party, and 3rd party; with characteristics much different from each other) and customers (end users, operators, and 2nd/3rd party manufacturers). In the talk, we want to share the experiences and perspectives from both operating system designers and their customers, commercial product developers, on device-centric and user-centric approaches. Then, in order to address the extremely significant but missed points in the conventional paradigms, we would like to propose the next paradigm of power management: Eco-Centric Power Management.
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