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Using Clang LibASTMatchers for Compliance in Codebases - Jonah Jolley - CppCon 2021

English --- Many Clang AST matcher use cases revolve around refactoring code. We utilized them in a new way, to ensure compliance in our codebase. In this presentation, we will explore Clang's LibASTMatcher library, go over the basics of setting up a project, and walk through our approach to creating matchers for simple to complex cases.
Developers who must comply with industry or product regulations will find this use case helpful. Join me as we take what we've learned and apply it.
--- Jonah Jolley
Jonah Jolley is a staff engineer at Devetry where he helps clients and engineers navigate the complex world of tech. He is passionate about embedded systems and optimizing developer’s workflows. In his spare time he likes to play disc golf and go sailing.
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