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Using Incredibuild to Accelerate Static Code Analysis and Builds - Jonathan "Beau" Peck CppCon 2022

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Going Beyond Build Distribution: Using Incredibuild to Accelerate Static Code Analysis and Builds - Jonathan "Beau" Peck - CppCon 2022
Even though C++ compilation times seem to be trending downward, the introduction of modules in C++20 means that long compile times might remain a stress factor for developers. This is before accounting for the time it takes to complete tasks like static code analysis which adds more time to the C++ CI pipeline.
This session will demonstrate how to better manage your CI pipeline to achieve faster and more frequent iterations, improve developer velocity and software quality while adding static code analysis to your dev cycle. We will see how to connect your CI pipeline to Github Actions to achieve automatic triggered CI processes and how to distribute those to on-prem machines or to the cloud with Incredibuild. ---
Jonathan "Beau" Peck
Beau's first computer command was LOAD "*",8,1 on a blue screen which at that time was something you wanted to see. But he really discovered technology while working as a flight control officer when he realized running aircraft operations was in many ways like running ones and zeros (if you're curious feel free to ask him). Thanks to Linux, his natural curiosity about breaking things apart to understand how they worked and then learning and discovering new ways to put things together led him into a career spanning 20++ (I see what you did there) years across systems administration, systems engineering, database and architecture.
His passion is helping customers align, create, architect and operate technical solutions that solve business and technical needs. Currently he is a solutions architect with Incredibuild focused on helping developers accelerate build and test times with distributed computing processing and process virtualization. __
Avi Lachmish
Avi is an expert in Web and networking technologies, operating systems, and software development methodologies. Avi has extensive experience in C++, object-oriented analysis, design and distributed architectures. ---
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