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Using JavaScript to Find Your Dog • Milecia McGregor • GOTO 2021


This presentation was recorded at GOTOpia Chicago 2021. #GOTOcon #GOTOpia
Milecia McGregor - Developer Advocate at DVC
ABSTRACT JavaScript is good for just about everything now. You can do front-end and back-end development and even some machine learning. But did you know there are packages that let you create IoT projects written in JavaScript? You'll need a bit of hardware, but the code is all JavaScript. In this talk, you'll learn how you can interface with an Arduino using a Bluetooth connection using a web app. We'll go over setting up the JohnnyFive library and we'll make a dog locator. By the end of this talk, attendees will know how to work with an IoT library in JavaScript to trigger actions [...]
TIMECODES 00:00 Intro 00:39 Overview 01:27 Project 02:30 Hardware 06:33 Node server 11:18 Front-end 15:13 Key takeaways
Download slides and read the full abstract here:
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