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Vignesh T.V. - GraphQL - Diving Deep - GraphQL Berlin Meetup #20


◭ Vignesh T.V. (@techahoy) - "GraphQL - From A to Z".
In this talk, we will walk through GraphQL and the ecosystem around it as a whole. We will look at fully typed end-end architectures, address the most common questions/gotchas, the various tools which can help you in your workflow and how you can incrementally scale up your stack as your usecase demands it with code walkthroughs wherever applicable. This talk would be based on the GraphQL series as published here:
Vignesh is the founder of Timecampus, a bootstrapped startup building a Time Management Platform for users and businesses. Before becoming a solopreneur, he led a research and development team of 25 at Ramco Systems and also served as a consultant there for some time.
He spends his free time blogging on Medium about a range of topics, from time management and productivity to the open source ecosystem - GraphQL, Kubernetes, Web Components, Architecture and so on. He also enjoys providing feedback and helping out with open source projects.
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This talk has been recorded during GraphQL Berlin Meetup #20 : Beginner Friendly Edition. Join our GraphQL Berlin Meetup group here:
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