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VS Code: Optimize Your Node.js Development "Inner Loop"

10.04.2017 at Node.js Interactive


Chris Dias (Microsoft)

VS Code...Maybe you've heard about it, or you've seen your friends using it... Maybe you've tried it once or twice, or maybe you use it every single day. No matter what camp you fall into, in this session you'll learn something new about using VS Code and how to quickly build and deploy node.js applications and micro-services.
We'll configure VS Code for the "inner loop" of development - the edit, compile, debug cycle. See how VS Code provides great code editing and code navigation experiences such as semantic IntelliSense, GoTo Definition, Find All References, Linting (e.g. ESLint), and more. We will configure VS Code to enable single file debugging, gulp file debugging, mocha debugging, and both client and server side debugging in a single session. You will see how easy it is to create Docker artifacts with VS Code, how to build and deploy images, and even how to debug your node.js applications running in containers.
All of this from within a lightweight editor, in under 30 minutes!
Chris Dias is a Program Manager, Microsoft. Chris is a member of the VS Code team at Microsoft, where he gets to work with an incredible group of engineers who are passionate about developer tools and changing the way Microsoft does development in the open.