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Vue 3 All-in-One Tutorial Series (3 Hours!)


Let's deep dive into Vue.js 3.0 with this crash course all-on-one tutorial. We'll take a look at the script setup, we'll create 5 different projects, and we'll look at the render functions, Vuex and more!
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0:00 Introduction 0:55 Pokemon Picker App 29:20 Stripe Check Out Page App 01:20 iTunes Search (Petite Vue) 01:42:06 Vue script setup 02:06:20 Best Vue 3 Projects 02:13:39 Vue 3 Render Functions 02:27:49 Vuex + Vue3 + Composition API 02:33:51 Vue.js 3 vs React comparison 02:54:17 What is Vite? Vite 2.0 03:00:53 Creating A Vite App