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WebDriverManager: the Swiss Army Knife for Selenium WebDriver by Boni García #SeConf 2022


Selenium WebDriver is a library that allows controlling web browsers (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) programmatically using different languages (such as Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, or C#). Internally, Selenium WebDriver uses the native support implemented by each browser to carry out the automation process. For this reason, we need to place a component called driver (e.g., chromedriver, geckodriver, msedgedriver, etc.) between the script using the Selenium WebDriver API and the browser.
WebDriverManager is an open-source Java library that carries out the management (i.e., download, setup, and maintenance) of the drivers required by Selenium WebDriver in a fully automated manner. In addition, as of version 5, WebDriverManager provides other relevant features, such as discovering browsers installed in the local system and building WebDriver objects, and running browsers in Docker containers seamlessly. The last feature added to WebDriverManager is related to log gathering. As of version 5.2.0, WebDriverManager provides seamless integration with BrowserWatcher, an open-source browser extension that allows gathering the browser console programmatically (even for Firefox, which was not possible to date). 
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