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What Can Possibly Go Wrong With Your DevOps Transformation?

11.20.2017 at DevOpsDays Warsaw


Tomasz Pająk (Seqr)

Successful DevOps transformation embraces three, equally important areas: (1) optimizing flow of value, (2) optimizing flow of feedback in the opposite direction to the flow of value and (3) culture based on continuous learning and experimentation. I would like to discuss challenges one may face during the transformation. It will be based on my experience from Seqr as an Engineering Manager and other companies doing a change which I was a witness of as a consultant/coach. I can name three main reasons of those challenges: people/organizational culture, processes and technology/architecture. The exact way one should cope with them usually differs between organizations as one deals with complex systems in which solutions cannot just be copied to obtain the same result. Nevertheless, I would like to provide you with real-life examples and generalize them with ideas behind any DevOps transformation. Hopefully, when equipped with them you will be able on your own to find a solution suitable for your organization.
Tomasz is Software Engineering Manager at fintech company Seqr where he faces challenges of developing a disruptive product (mobile payments). He specialises in building high-performance organisations by Agile and DevOps transformations. Tomasz shares his experience as a speaker at multiple international conferences (eg. Agile Cambridge, DevOpsDays, Agile Management Congress, Agile Lean Europe etc.) and as a contributor to InfoQ