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What is Project Loom? | An introduction by Adam Warski


Easy-to-use, lightweight concurrency for Java?
Project Loom has three main goals:
- introducing continuations - fibers - and tail-call elimination Let's discover more about what is Project Loom!
Links, by the Loom team: * Loom proposal * State of Loom
Blogs which expand on what I've talked about: * Synchronous or asynchronous, and why wrestle with wrappers? * Will Project Loom obliterate Java Futures? * How Loom might fit cats-effect
Links on structured concurrency: * Introduction * Go statement considered harmful * Structured concurrency and pure functions
Twitter threads: * Why we still need libraries * Where Loom might be lacking * Why Fibers are the wrong * Feedback on a longer version of this presentation — ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ @adamwarski
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