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What's a Wasm?

10.04.2017 at Node.js Interactive


Paul Milham (WildWorks)

WebAssembly (wasm) represents a potential sea change in the Javascript world. But what is it? Will it replace Javascript? Can it make my code magically faster? In this session we'll cover all the basics of wasm. We'll discuss what wasm is, how it interfaces with Javascript and how to use it. First, we'll cover wasm at a high level and walk through its binary and textual representation. Second, we'll see how it interfaces with Javascript by seeing calls to and from wasm modules. Third, we'll build a wasm module using wasm-init and C++. Wasm holds immense potential for many different applications. Developers will leave the session understanding how wasm could fit into their application and have the knowledge necessary to implement it.
My name is Paul Milham. I'm a lead developer at WildWorks where I spend my time using Node.js to keep the millions of kids who play Animal Jam safe. Keeping children safe online is an ever evolving challenge that requires adaptability. I love games and Javascript. Luckily the two go pretty well together and I've been able to make a career out of them. I've spoken at Node.js Interactive, Digiforge and other community events. I would like to share with the Node.js community some of the lessons I've learned in my journey scaling an online game from just hundreds, up to millions of active players.