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When AI Makes Mistakes

10.04.2017 at Node.js Interactive


David Luecke (FeathersJS)

We all know that live demos in a conference talk don't always go as planned. But things went wrong in a very peculiar way when I introduced MySam, an open-source Siri-like "intelligent" assistant, at the JSConf in Iceland. In this talk I'd like to share the story of what happened and also dive a little into natural language processing in NodeJS and the browser.
About David Luecke: David grew up on a goat farm in Bavaria and made his way across the world to his new home in Vancouver, BC. He spent the last decade helping companies create JavaScript applications, with a particular interest in the APIs connecting the two worlds of backend and frontend which led to the creation of FeathersJS. When David is not thinking about APIs, he is trying to teach his open-source virtual assistant useful new things to do.