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Where's the Kaboom? There Was Supposed to Be an Earth-Shattering Kaboom!

10.29.2017 at LISA

San Francisco

David Blank-Edelman

Let's face it. We are great at building things—systems, services, infrastructures—you name it. But we are terrible, absolutely terrible, at decommissioning, demolishing, or destroying these same things in any sort of principled way. We spend so much time focused on how to construct systems that when it comes time to do the dance of destruction we are at a loss. We are even worse at building systems that will later be easy to destroy.
But it doesn't have to be this way. When they take down a bridge, a building, or even your bathroom before a renovation, things just don't get ripped out willy-nilly (hopefully). There are methods, best practices, and lots of lots of careful work being brought to bear in these situations. There are people who demolish stuff for a living, let's see what we can learn from them to take back to our own practice. Come to this talk not just for the explosions (and oh, yes, there will be explosions), but also to explore an important part of your work that never gets talked about: the kaboom.