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Why Conan (part II, 5 reasons to use Conan in 2020) - Diego Rodridguez-Losada - CppCon 2020

English --- After 4 years doing the “Why not Conan” and “Why Conan” lightning talks, the project has already become very widespread and adopted by thousands of users around the world. This talk will present an update, what has happened around Conan since CppCon2019: the online trainings we did after postponing ConanDays, changes in ConanCenter with the new build service, the call for Conan 2.0 Tribe for feedback to start the development of the next major Conan version, growth in enterprise usage adn the main drivers behind the accelerating adoption by organizations, like enablement of CI for C++ at scale
--- Diego Rodridguez-Losada
--- Streamed & Edited by Digital Medium Ltd - [email protected]