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Why does std::format do that? - Charlie Barto - CppCon 2021

English --- std::format is a very convenient and very fast text formatting interface added in C++20. This session looks at the internals of how std::format works, and why it works that way. We'll cover how and why argument types are erased (along with the basics of type erasure in general), how to customize format for your own types, precisely what happens when you do, and how format optimizes copying to its output without generating excessive amounts of code. No knowledge of std::format is required to understand this session.
While the primary goal of this session is to understand some std::format internals, many of the techniques described may help you make your own generic libraries smaller and faster.
--- Charlie Barto
Charlie works on the Visual C++ Standard Library. He and open source contributors implemented <format> for msvc, based on {fmt}.
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