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Why You Need a Strong Personal Brand and How You Build One


Presented by WWCode CONNECT REIMAGINE Speaker: Sonali Sambhus, VP/Head of Developer Platform @ Square
Most of us in tech focus on learning and working hard in our early careers with very little thought about what our brand is.
Yet, our brand is what carries us ahead in our careers. It is what helps us with building relationships and even being selected for the big opportunities. This talk will speak to (1) what is a personal brand (2) emphasize the need to be thoughtful about creating one (3) provide a framework and strategies to creating one
Sonali Sambhus is a seasoned silicon valley tech executive, a startup entrepreneur and a board of director. She is an active proponent of women in leadership, is a published author for a book 'Ellevate'.
She is a techie at heart.
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