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Why You Should Write Code That You Should Never Write - Daisy Hollman - CppCon 2021

English --- During the COVID-19 global pandemic, as we all searched for ways to stay connected to the C++ community, I innocently started posting short, 25-line or less C++ snippets of counterintuitive C++ code that I called my "Cute C++ trick of the day." I was floored by the amount of attention these tweets received, with some being viewed more than 30,000 times and liked or retweeted hundreds of times. I received repeated requests to collect these tricks into a library or talk, and this is that talk.
In this presentation, I will dissect a few of my most popular "Cute C++ tricks" to a level of detail not possible on social media platforms like Twitter. I'll talk about how and why these tricks work the way they do, talk about the dark corners of C++ they touch upon, and talk about what you should actually do if you need to produce the same effect in production code. While not targeted at beginners, these tricks span the gauntlet from features that most intermediate programmers are aware of (but never thought to use in a particular way) to dark corners of the language that many of my C++ committee colleagues were surprised to learn about. Throughout it all runs a common thread: learning how to exploit your own curiosity to expand your toolbox, gain a better grasp of the fundamentals of C++, and ultimately, become a better programmer.
--- Daisy Hollman
Dr. Daisy S. Hollman has been a member of the C++ standards committee since 2016, where she has made contributions to a wide range of library and language features, including proposals related to executors, atomics, generic programming, futures, and multidimensional arrays. Since receiving her Ph.D. in Quantum Chemistry in 2013, her research has focussed primarily on parallel and concurrent programming models, though a broader focus on general accessibility of complex abstractions has become her focus in more recent years. She currently works on C++ language and library design at Google, where she continues to focus on providing broad accessibility of programming models and abstractions, with a particular focus on design for diversity and inclusivity.
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