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Yes! Your site can (and should) be accessible

11.05.2017 at NodeConfEU


Laura Carvajal (The Financial Times)

In 2016, we at The Financial Times launched a new version of our website to great success. It broke ground on key areas in which we’d set out to excel and measured very closely, like performance, resilience and usability. But one day, and rather serendipitously, we realised we had largely forgotten to measure one thing: accessibility. And you can’t improve what you don’t measure.
In this talk I will go over how we went from being generally oblivious about accessibility to making it a core part of our process across multiple divisions. I will share the roadblocks we found and the lessons we learned, along with tangible solutions you can integrate them into your own project today, regardless of available time, budget or support.
Laura Carvajal is a senior developer at the Financial Times building She has been working in web development for the past 15 years.