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You Can Be a Mentor: How and Why


Presented by Women Who Code Mobile Speaker: Sumayyah Ahmed, Moderated by Navati Jain Topic: You Can Be a Mentor: How and Why
We hear a lot about the importance of finding mentors, but how about the other side of the equation? What if you realize you're the one with experience and knowledge to share? Or maybe your company requires you to be a mentor - how can you get started?
In fact, every engineer can contribute to someone's growth. With specific examples, I'll show you how to be an effective and successful mentor, and how those skills can power up your career. This talk will cover tactics to find and maintain good relationships, how to make sure both you and your mentee(s) get career benefits, and how to get credit at work for doing critical "glue work".
Strong mentorship builds strong engineers on both sides, and Android in particular is a field that needs mentoring for the next generation of engineers. I'll show you how to develop your mentoring skills, and how that experience can make an impact on your career, your team, and the Android community.
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