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You can go EVERYWHERE but I can go FAST - performance case study - J. Binda | React Native EU 2022


On-Road or Off-Road ? Well known question for each automotive enthusiast. Going extremely fast on one end, going absolutely everywhere on the other. Both require different setup and approaches. Both require a use case and defining purpose. It’s not limited just to vehicles. We are forced to reach a compromise in many life’s areas including programming. What will have happened when we put on the line app performance and its versatility in React Native? During the talk I will bring more light on the stated age-old dilemma and try to answer the question if it’s really either my way or highway.
Speaker Bio
A dedicated software developer who puts a lot of attention to detail in every task that he does. Always committed and eager to learn. Jakub likes to create things and dive into how they work. A father of two and a husband of a woman of his life. Those two roles motivate him the most and give him the strength to move mountains.
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