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YOW! 2020 Online - Eberhard Wolff - Organization - A Tool for Software Architects


Conway's Law, domain-driven design, microservices - the most important modern software architecture approaches use the organization as a tool for architecture. But software architects often have only limited influence on the organization. And teams should be self-organized - so how can you even influence them at all?This presentation shows what exactly it means to use the organization as a tool for architecture and how software architects can use concretely. Because even if you are a manager: Organizations are people - and you can go out and work with them!
Eberhard Wolff has 15+ years of experience as an architect and consultant - often on the intersection of business and technology. He is a Fellow at INNOQ in Germany. As a speaker, he has given talks at international conferences and as an author, he has written more than 100 articles and books e.g. about Microservices, Technologies for Microservices, and Continuous Delivery. His technological focus is on modern architectures – often involving Cloud, Continuous Delivery, DevOps, or Microservices.
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