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YOW! 2020 Online - Mark Birch - Launching an Internal Developer Community


Community is nothing new to developers. Just look at the open source movement, the numerous conferences, and the growth of collaborative resources like GitHub and Stack Overflow. Developers know the best solutions come from collaboration. In many respects, community is a superpower for innovation and problem solving. So why is community so difficult to establish inside companies? It would seem like a natural opportunity given the collective nature and shared vision of being part of an organization. Yet when I visit most companies, community and collaboration are sorely lacking, and sometimes even discouraged. In this talk, I share practices from my journey while at Stack Overflow and in other communities I have over the past decade to help all of us in the journey towards building healthy and thriving internal developer communities. Mark is a community builder, software entrepreneur, and startup advisor. He currently works at AWS as a Principal Startup Advocate advising founders and technical teams on how startups across Asia-Pacific successfully build and scale their startups on AWS.As a community builder, Mark founded DEV.BIZ.OPS, a long standing newsletter and blog about innovation, technology transformation, and developer culture. Mark also is the founder of the Enterprise Sales Forum, a global community of 25,000 B2B sales professionals that meet in-person and virtually to share ideas, network with peers, and learn new skills.Previously, Mark was with Stack Overflow to help launch their Enterprise Q&A platform and then led efforts to expand business in APAC working with C-level executives to help them understand how to build internal tech communities in order to improve software delivery performance.Before that he launched an HR tech startup, invested in numerous B2B tech companies and worked at a diverse group of leading technology companies including Oracle, E.piphany, and Siebel.Mark graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Boston University. In his non-working hours, he likes to search cities for the best dumplings shacks, and he can generally be seen rocking out to extreme metal.
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